Comfort Furnace Electric Heater


Safe, even, healthy heat
Can save up to 50% on home energy consumption
Coverage: up to 1000 square feet
Watts: 1500 per hour (1.5 kw per hour)
Amperage: 12.5
BTU Output Rating: 5600
Power Requirements: 115 volt AC, 1500 watt
Quartz Infrared Heating System: four quartz infrared heating elements (lasts a minimum of 20,000 hours)
Diffusion Coil: stainless-steel, designed to increase the heating efficiency
Heating Chamber: copper lined for optimal heat transfer
Filter: lifetime, washable filter with electrostatic qualities that capture 97% of allergens
Temperature Sync: synchronizes the infrared heater to match your home's thermostat
Temperature Range: 37 to 86 degrees
Safety Cutoff Switch: standard
Digital Temperature Display: standard
Dimensions: 13" W x 14.1" L x 18.2" H
Weight: 30.3 lbs.
Thermostat Accuracy: calibrated to be precise to one degree Fahrenheit and controlled by a microprocessor
Remote Control: full function, advanced auto sync remote control with digital read out
Power Cord: 6 feet
Philips Ultraviolet Air Purification: ultraviolet bulbs from Philips purify the air of viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne pathogens.